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The Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership at Saint Peter’s University Partners with Fox Scholars Program


Saint Peter’s University announced in November 2019 that the Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership is partnering with the Fox Scholars Program and will operate a chapter on the University’s campus. The Fox Scholars Program is designed to provide students with real-life public-sector experience and advice through mentorship and networking opportunities, with the goal of facilitating knowledge of and access to public service employment opportunities. It was established by the James P. Fox Memorial Fund to honor the legacy of Jamie Fox, who had a lifelong commitment to public service. Saint Peter’s is the second academic institution to offer the program. The first was launched in 2017 at The College of New Jersey.

“The Fox Scholars Program will give students the opportunity to build the kind of relationships that can accelerate their career trajectory and even transform their lives,” said Ginger Gold Schnitzer, executive director of the Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership. “This program has the potential to grow a dedicated class of public servants, who may never have had the opportunity to serve because they did not have access to a helpful network.”


The Fox Scholars program is designed to match students with seasoned public affairs mentors to give them an invaluable behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of politics and policy making. Students will be introduced to and have the opportunity to interact with public sector officials, who will introduce them to and provide advice on public sector careers.


“Saint Peter’s University is perfect site for a Fox Scholar Program,” says Fund Trustee Eric Shuffler. “Saint Peter’s is consistently recognized in national reports as a leader in social mobility and transforming the lives of its students. These outcomes are well aligned with the objectives of the Fox Scholars Program and specifically to Jamie’s hands-on approach to mentorship and our focus on providing opportunities to students who wouldn’t naturally have access to governmental and political networking and mentoring chances.”


Tom Fox, Jamie’s brother and Board Trustee adds, on behalf of the family, “We are thrilled that the Fox Scholar Program has found a home at Saint Peter’s and so very proud that Jamie’s legacy as a mentor of public advocacy continues for future public servants of a state he loved so much.”


The Fox Scholars Program at Saint Peter’s University will commence in January 2020 after the selection of the first two Fox Scholars through a competitive application and interview process.

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