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Honoring a Legacy

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For Jamie, public service was a life’s calling that fueled a successful 40-year career and spawned many important and lasting policy achievements. 

The James P. Fox Memorial Fund was founded in 2017 to create a living legacy to honor Jamie Fox (October 30, 1954 – February 20, 2017), recognize his lifelong commitment to public service, and to fund educational opportunities in areas about which he cared deeply.  In February 2018, the James P. Fox Memorial Fund announced the establishment of The Fox Scholars Program.  The program's primary purpose is to provide students with real-life public-sector experience and advice through mentorship and networking opportunities, with the goal of facilitating knowledge of and access to public service employment opportunities. Today, the Fox Scholars Program is offered at three New Jersey colleges. Learn more about our programs 

James Patrick Fox, a loyal son of New Jersey, passed away in 2017 at age 62. Jamie, as he was known since childhood, was born in Elizabeth, NJ, on October 30, 1954.


Jamie’s entire life was spent in the public sector, and he was surely one of the giants of NJ politics. In 40 years of service, he twice served as the Commissioner of Transportation, once under Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey and then under Republican Governor Chris Christie. Earlier, Jamie was the Chief of Staff or advisor to four NJ Governors: McGreevey, Florio, Cody, and Corzine. In addition, he was Chief of Staff to Senator Robert Torricelli, as well as a former Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.


In 2008, Jamie spearheaded the successful Florida presidential campaign for Barack Obama. Jamie was involved in many important NJ public policy achievements of the past 30 years, including NJ’s assault weapons ban, restrictions on ocean dumping, the preservation of the Highlands, overhaul of the EZ pass system and the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles, and the consolidation of the Turnpike and Parkway. Because of his life’s work, NJ is a better place.


Jamie will also be remembered as a man of integrity who lived by his word, subscribed to an old school code of respect and loyalty, and who made an everlasting imprint on others. Few citizens of NJ have been as widely admired across both sides of the political spectrum. Giving generously of his time, Jamie informed a new generation of political strategists and leaders, sharing with them his insights, counsel, and stories – and building through them a lasting legacy. In the last decade, Jamie and his long-time friend, Eric Shuffler, shared a business, River Crossing Strategy Group.


He was a graduate of Saint Patrick High School and a proud graduate of Villanova University.

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