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Fox Scholars Programs 


Kelly Perez, TCNJ ’24

Public Health and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major

Prior to this program, I never understood what public service entailed. But after completing the program, I can say that I have truly gained an appreciation for it. My mentor asked me to write a list of people that I wanted to meet, and I met a lot of powerful and influential people in government. I found comfort in the fact that there are people doing the work we need.

Our Academic Partners

The College of New Jersey 

The Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership at Saint Peter’s University 

The Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship at Rowan University  

Fox Scholars Mentorship Program 

The Fox Scholars Mentorship Program matches students with politically savvy mentors, who introduce them to the public sector and provide career mentorship and networking opportunities. Our volunteer mentors include those from in federal, state, local government, and communications, lobbying, and political campaign agencies. Scholars meet government leaders, experience “behind-the-scenes” public sector functions, such as attend budget meetings, and engage professionally with a wide range of individuals who can help with their network building.  Scholars are selected through a competitive application process and present their experiences at a panel discussion at the conclusion of their mentorship. 

The Fox Scholars receive a stipend. The program is offered during the Spring semester at The College of New Jersey and The Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership at Saint Peter’s University.

Fox Scholars Paid Summer Internship Program 

The Fox Scholars Internship Program helps students secure unpaid summer internships in politics, government, or issues advocacy. This program targets those students who must choose between a paid job and exploring an unpaid internship in the public sector.  The program goal is to offer students a scholarship that can come close to duplicating what they might make if they would be working in a paid job over the summer. 

Scholarships are based on a $15/per hour wage. The Fox Scholars Paid Summer Internship Program is offered at The Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership at Saint Peter’s University and The Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship at Rowan University.

What Our Institutional Partners Say 

“Without a stipend, many of our students – who typically need to earn money to support their education – would have to forgo an internship and miss out on an important learning and networking opportunity,” says Ginger Gold Schnitzer, J.D., Executive Director, Guarini Institute for Government and Leadership, Saint Peter’s University, which has a student population that is predominantly ethnic and first-generation. Paid internships are also offered at Rowan University.


"Summer internships in government, politics and issue advocacy are almost all unpaid," says Benjamin A. Dworkin, Ph.D., Director, Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship. "This creates a class distinction between those who can afford to take on these valuable summer experiences and those who, despite knowing their value, cannot. The Jamie Fox Memorial Fund bridges that gap."


Sarah Chartock, Chair & Associate Professor, Political Science Department, The College of New Jersey, says there is nothing like this model at TCNJ. She reports that three out of the four Fox Scholars in the program this year were first generation college students. “Making connections is everything and our scholars could not have learned how important they are unless they experienced it through this program.”


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